Doki Doki Literature Club


April 10th, 2018

47 mins 59 secs

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Men are creepier than women. Don't be dicks to college students. Well akshually, Jon gets dark.

For real though, GDC is great for people in gaming and a super rad conference. Hurting video game animals is just as bad as real animals except for Nazi Dogs. Sea of Thieves is just ok.

Fortnite is just printing money. Jon is great at not dying and placing top #15 but in squad mode nobody uses their MIC. Shoutout youngtwig and lil ceasar! They gonna get you those dubs! However, Jon is now on an FBI watchlist.

Drugs make you fly! Jon learned a lot and so did the young latino boys slumber party.

Lucas is very aggressive in Starcraft.

Quarters Arcade bar in SLC is full of super nice people jammin on Arcade Games! Don't be like Rebecca, go down and don't have FOMO.